Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

Make Your Twitter Sidebar Transparent

Do you want to make a twitter background like mine?
The sidebar is transparent
It's very simple...

Just go to setting -> design
After that replace the address on your address bar in every browser with this

for example delete and replace with this javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement('script');d.body.appendChild(c);c.src='';void(0); 

then enter :)

voila finish,,,

don't forget to add my Twtter @RezaIndah :D 

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Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Download Ebook Bidadari-bidadari Surga

Bidadari-bidadari Surga is story about a sacrifice of a sister named Laisa for her brothers Dalimunte, Ikanuri, Wibisana and her sister Yashinta in the valley of Lahambay. She has to work 24 hours for her sibling, to pay their schools. Till the end of her life, she always care to her siblings although they are not her biologic family.

click here to download it

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Virtapay, Is it real or scam?

Online Business from internet is famous now, whether it's PTC (Paid to Click) same as PPC (paid per click), or PPA(Paid per action) and etc.

But that's not what this post about.

Maybe you already knew what is Virtapay is, or maybe not?

I will explain a little bit about it. Virtapay or (it's previous name) is an online payment processor where people will be able to send money to others and use it to purchase items within the VirtaPay website. You cannot withdraw the money for your own use. Maybe once the website takes off, they will make withdrawing the money available. I personally do not think people are going to use it as a payment processor if they cannot have access to their money.

 So, the question is, Is it scam or not?
I think, yes it is,,,
Let me give my reasons.
1. An easy registration. You only need prepare your username and password, although they request an email address also, but it's not too important because they don't send any email verification. Isn't it strange? You just need imagining a lot of username and email address(not important is it valid or not) and you can get 100 referral and it's mean they lose $1000.00 it's such a big money *because i never get $1000.00 from my google adsense :( * and every referral get $25.00 when they sign up. If you put it in one account you will get $2500.00 + $1000.00 I can't imagine that.
2. You are paid just with online everyday, you are paid for $5.00-40.00
3. They never launch

think about it

"I assume they changed names because they had not been clear with the terms and wanted a fresh start. I doubt that I ever get to redeem my funds especially since they are well over $2000 at this point. There is just no site out there that can afford to give all it's members free money like that."-one of consumer

It's logic right?

So, that's why I told you guys Why or is a SCAM!!. 

Try to do something useful, for example on google adsense ^^

Ok. That's all,,, :D

Senin, 02 Mei 2011

Throw Eggs At Justin Bieber

An unpleasant incident happened when Justin Bieber has a concert in Australia.
Bieber, are treated not good at the concert held at Acer Arena, Sydney,

Australia. Bieber got six eggs thrown by one of the spectators who came to

the concert. But fortunately nonean egg got to the body of Bieber.

Be professional, Bieber responded positively and keep hold concerts until

finished. Until now there has been no official statement from Bieber or his

management about this incident.

check the video