Sabtu, 18 Desember 2010

How to make your blog's domain

first, here i use domain. click here .
check the availability of your domain. if its available, you may continue to registration.
after registration, you have to set up your account.

choose 'manage domain' , if you can find it, just click ctrl+f to find it :D

after that choose set up,
click option number 2 Zone Record JUST ZONE RECORD
type your complete domain with www and in 'Host'
choose 1 D for TTL
choose CNAME for 'Type'
and type '' in value.
finally click set up

and open a new tab, log in to your blogger account.
after that choose settings on your dashboard
choose publishing and click switch to advanced settings
type your domain, and type the word verification

and then save settings
you need to do it twice,
the second is for redirect someone who type to

and thats all....

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