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The Longest Tunnels in the World

In addition to the Channel Tunnel that links Britain, France, the true body of our planet has had a lot of holes that are built on behalf of the interests of civil society. In principle, the tunnel was made because there are no obstructions (mountains, sea, river) for projects to be built (a highway or road trains). Construction technology in combination with geological applications continues to grow making more realistic tunnel created. This column will be serving the world's longest tunnel found on land and sea.
1. Seikan Tunnel The Seikan Tunnel-

The longest tunnel was opened on March 13, 1988. The period of construction is carried out for about 17 years. The cost was unsparing, ¥ 538.4 billion (U.S. $ 3.6 billion) on foreign exchange in 1988. The Seikan Tunnel across the Tsugaru Strait that connects the island of Honshu Aomori Province and the island of Hokkaido. The Seikan Tunnel is part of Kaikyo Line of Hokkaido Railway Company. The Seikan Tunnel has a length of 53.85 km dansekitar 23.3 km (14.5 miles) below the seabed. Depth maksimlanya located about 140 meters on the seabed or 240 meters below sea level.

Predicate The Seikan Tunnel as a tunnel terpenjang on this planet will be evicted by the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be completed late 2018. Gotthard Base Tunnel rail traffic diperuntuukan for Erops. Gotthard Base Tunnel will not only be the longest, but also the deepest for the size of the train tunnel.

The Seiakn Tunnel Location and construction

The Seikan Tunnel pieces lengthwise

2. Channel Tunnel

3. Lötschberg Base Tunnel

If you suck with the map of Europe you surely know that the European mainland north and south parts separated by the Alps. Is sebuha constraints to create land transportation across the mountains. But the engineers of Europe is not losing my mind. Through technological development of the tunnel, they have completed Lötschberg Base with 34.577 km long that cuts the Swiss Alps and the average depth of 400 meters below the surface of the ground (mountains). Lötschberg Base is now the second longest road tunnel in the world or the world's longest tunnel on land and sea for the class.

Lötschberg Base is intended to shorten the travel distance between Germany and Italy up to two hours from the average trip before there Lötschberg Base about 3.5 hours. For a tourist destination, is also meant trnasportasi Lötschberg Base for skiers to Swiss resorts more quickly reached. The northern end of this tunnel is located in Bern, Switzerland. While the southern tip located in Courmayeur, Italy. Lötschberg Base built with construction costs reaching approximately 4.3 billion Swiss francs. Lötschberg Base construction period ending in 2006. The opening of the tunnel took place on June 15, 2007. While full-scale operation has been started on December 9, 2007.

The corridor that penetrates Lötschberg Base Alps

4. Guadarrama TunnelsIn the Spanish construction sector a vibrant one in Europe. In December 2007 the Government of Spain has launched a pick Guadarrama tunnel about 28 km long and connects the capital, Madrid, with Valladolid. Guadarrama Tunnel is only used by high-speed train.

Guadarrama Tunnel Construction Period

.5. Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel
When it opened in 2002, Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel had held the record as the longest overland tunnel on the planet. But in June 2007 a record was taken over by Lötschberg Base Tunnel which was inaugurated balls. 25.810 km long tunnel with a maximum depth of 200 meters is connecting Tokyo to Aomori. Tunnel construction is done during the nine years between 1991 to 2000. Iwate-Ichinohe Tunnel opened to the public on 2002


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