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The richest animal in the world

Discover the 10 animals of the richest in the world!
1. The German shepherd Gunther IV: 130 million euros
The animal image: Gunther IV, a German shepherd who lives in Germany.
His fortune: With a fortune of 130 million euros, Gunther IV is the animal world's richest!
The German Shepherd has inherited $ 49.8 million from his father, Gunther III, that he had obtained the death of his mistress, the Countess Karlotta Liebenstein in 1991. Since then, his tutors have brilliantly to build on the bonanza: buying villas, tax loopholes ...
With his flair, and that of his collaborators, Gunther has thus now 130 million.

2. The poodle Toby Rimes: 65 million euros
The animal image: Toby Rimes, a small American lapdog.
His fortune: In 1931, following the death of his mistress Ella Wendel, an ancestor of Toby Rimes has been fortunate to inherit a whopping $ 20 million (about 15.33 million euros).
Toby received the money a few years later. Thanks to the skill of its managers, the little Toby Rimes is now head of a real fortune: 65 million euros. This sum makes him the second richest in the animal world.

3. Kalu the chimpanzee: 60 million euros
The animal image: Kalu, a chimpanzee who lives in South Africa.
His fortune: After a difficult childhood in Zaire, south-central Africa, Kalu was collected by Patricia O'Neill, the daughter of the Countess of Kenmore. It had found tied to a tree. She immediately chose to adopt, and make it live in his huge house near Cape Town, South Africa.
One major concern was that of Patricia Kalu never misses anything. She has donated 60 million euros.
With this sum, Kalu the chimp came third in the ranking of the richest in the animal world.

4. Frankie the Chihuahua and cats Ani and Pepe the Pew: 8.3 million euros each
Animals image: Frankie, a Chihuahua, Ani and Pepe Le Pew, two cats. These animals live in California, western United States.
Their wealth: Frankie, Ani and Pepe the Pew All three were appointed as heirs to the death of their owners. Today, they share a villa in San Diego, California, valued at 15 million and $ 10 million. Bequeathing them the money, the owners hoped to avoid a life of their animals stray cats or stray dog.
In total, the zoo has recovered 25 million euros, or about 8.3 million bumper stickers. Frankie, Ani and Pepe the Pew arrive in fourth place tied in the ranking of the richest in the animal world.

5. The labrador retriever Flossie: 4.5 million
The animal image: Flossie, a Labrador retriever U.S..
His wealth: American actress Drew Barrymore wanted to reward the loyalty of his dog Flossie. Indeed, one night in 2002, the labrador retriever has saved the life of his mistress and his companion. When the house caught fire, Flossie has gone barking at the door of his master asleep and allowed them to escape before the house was fully engulfed in flames.
The dog received a notice of 4.5 million, located in the wealthiest neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Flossie is therefore classified in the fifth position of the animal world's richest.

6. The Maltese terrier Trouble: 1.5 million euros
The animal image: Cloudy, a little Maltese terrier from New York.
His fortune: the little dog Trouble is the owner of hotels in New York Leona Helmsley. In 2007, the billionaire had given her little fur ball of $ 12 million (9.19 million euros).
Descendants of Leona Helmsley, caring for their future inheritance, have appealed to justice, in order to revise this amount. Finally, Trouble received the $ 2 million "only" about 1.5 million. With this little fortune, the dog takes sixth place in the ranking of the richest in the animal world

7. Tinker the cat: 786 000
The animal image: Tinker, a black cat who lives in London.
His fortune: Here is the story of a beautiful cat, rescued from the street by a rich woman ... Margaret Layne, an elderly woman lived alone in her London home when Tinker began to visit him. She quickly attached to the fur ball.
When Margaret died, the will named Tinker as an heir of the sum of 226,000 dollars (173,000 euros), and a house worth 800,000 dollars (613,000 euros). In sum, Tinker arrives seventh in the ranking of the richest animal, with a sum of 786,000 euros.

8. The border collies Tina and Kate: 383 000 euros each
Animals image: Tina and Kate, two border collies who live in Peasedown St. John, south-west England.
Their wealth: Tina and Kate have received one million dollars (766,000 euros) after the death of their former mistress, Nora Hardwell. This was to thank them for their presence in the final moments of his life.
In addition to this pretty short, two border collies were given the right to enjoy unlimited Nora's house, located in Peasedown St. John, in south-west England. Tina and Kate, with 383 000 euros each, reached the eighth position of the animal world's richest.

9. The turtle Silverstone: 150 000
The animal image: Silverstone, a turtle who lives in Essex, northeast of London, eastern England.
His fortune: In 1999, Christina Foyle, owner of Foyle's bookshop in London, died leaving his turtle Silverstone sum of 150,000 euros and the enjoyment of a house in Essex, north-west London. The turtle will however remain and share his money with the cats of his mistress.
Silverstone is the ninth in the standings animal world's richest with $ 150 000.

10. The 300 cows and sheep from the flock of the Queen Mother: 11 190 euros each
Animals image: the 300 cows and sheep herd of the Queen Mother of England, located in the Castle of Mey Farm, near the northern coast of Scotland.
Their wealth: Before his death in 2002, the Queen Mother Elizabeth of England, concerned about their future, wanted to pass 3 million pounds (3.34 million) to 300 sheep and cows that make up the Castle of his flock Mey Farm.
Individually by touching 10 000 pounds, about 11 190 euros, 300 head of cattle arriving all tied for tenth place ranking of the richest in the animal world.


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