Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

Monster or a Unique Animal?


No, they’re not Ducks.... and no! They have nothing to do with geography lessons nowhere. Even the fact they look like creatures from outer space ....

They are usually found around the Pacific coast of America and Canada and in Japan.
In fact ... In Japan ... they become "Inspiration" to monsters with their tentacles.
Modern Biological Sciences classify these animals as SALTWATER CLAMS (Sea Shells)
This beast could have a "siphon" or the neck until almost 2 METERS!

It’s real name is GOOEY-Duck (Gooey = soft slimy / sticky)
Then it called as GWEEDUC interpret (language Native of Americans), which means "DIG DEEP" and also another name "ELEPHANT Trunk Clam" (because its shape is similar to Congor elephant ...)

They live in beaches and how to take even this strange animal can be said simply "WEIRD".

Source: http://www.beritaunik.net/unik-aneh/binatang-unik-berbentuk-aneh-itu-bernama-geoducks.html


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