Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Justin Bieber Die?

Teen pop singer who was rocketed his name, Justin Bieber shot in the stomach and died instantly.

However, don't worry, the article shooting of a Canadian singer is not in a real incident. And do not be afraid anyway because it all happened only in the episode 'The target of Obsessions' TV series,' CSI: Crime Scene Investigation "season 11. Baby hits chanter is successfully demonstrated the ability to play an antagonistic character of a teenage psychopath Jason McCann.

Where is told Jason had threatened to kill officers of CSI, Nick Stokes (George Eads). Jason, desperate to take a gun in the car and bravely pointing a gun at police. Without forgiveness, Nick and Justin officer shot to death.

Bieber appearance in the episode 'Targets of Obsessions' which premiered on CBS TV stations, 17 February, is the last time Bieber role as Jason McCann. Some time ago, Bieber had revealed that he was very enthusiastic about going to the shooting of her is.

"Well, I killed in that episode. I am truly a victim of murder. The process of shooting is also really really cool because I actually shot several times. I fell and there was fake blood and everything else. It was a very crazy process, "he explained.

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