Minggu, 26 Desember 2010

How To Put Your Adsense Link Under the Post

If you wanna put you google adsense, bidvertiser , or any advertisement here the steps.
1. Log in to your blogger account
2. choose Design
3. Choose Edit HTML
4. Find this code
    to make it easier just click CTRL+F to find it

5. paste the script of your adsense below that code.
    but before that you have to parse it first click here to parse it.

6. Copy it and paste to your HTML
7. To make it sure everything is correct, just choose preview
8. if it's correct than save the template
9. Done
10. I hope it's helped

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  1. point number 4,Find this code... what code do you mean?? please anwer with confirm to my blog thanks..