Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Sites to know who unfollow you on Twitter

well, there's no doubt, you hate unfollowers, but dont worry, there are websites to track your unfollower, and people who not following you back...

check this out

1. tweeteffect

 you dont need to log in or register. also tell you about your traffic, how much you lost your followers. and you also you can check another account. perhaps justin bieber? :D


2. GoodByeBuddy

here, you have to log in with your twitter account, also gave you static about your unfollowers.

3. QTwitter 

it will give you an email about who unfollow you and you only need to give your Twitter's ID and your email.

4. Lost a Follower 

almost same with qtwitter, it will give you an email about who unfollowed you and the last tweet about why they unfollowed you. useful for you who want to know why people unfollowing you


well, a sensasional twitter unfollower tracker, just need to sign in with you twitter account, and it will check who unfollowed you. and also you may unfollow them with this site. This site also give you information about people who are not following you back. and you can unfollow them

and that's all..
maybe there are a lot, but i jut know those.

and if you have twitter, please follow me, i follow back


thank you :D


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